Graphic Novels 

I write and illustrate graphic novels and I'm currently working on my third book.

My two previous books are in the young adult fantasy genre. Although the art in those two books resembles woodcuts, I create the art in Clip Studio and draw with a Wacom Cintiq. When I erase my lines, it gives the impression of a woodcut.

My current book takes place in the 1920s and I am hand drawing it in ink and coloring it with watercolor and gouache. 

I post frequently about my work on social media: @woodmanmaynard



Sample Page Spreads

This art is from my first graphic novel IRON BOUND. 


Time Lapse Videos of My Process

Time lapse drawing of me working on the opening page spread of my novel. I'm inking in Clip Studio Paint, and working over pencil drawings (in blue).

Jormungand is a serpent in Norse mythology (the child of Loki and a frost giant) and here Udina must fight him with a serpent of her own. 

Two chapters of my graphic novel take place on a Viking longship The Defiance, where Udina must convince the dashing Captain Strand to trust her. 

A time lapse as I ink Udina into a panel of Chapter 1. She's saying goodbye to her father before heading off to a day of defense training. 

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