Graphic Novel 

Iron Bound follows Udina, a blacksmith's daughter, who longs to be a warrior. But when her father is killed by bandits, Udina inherits an enchanted key that unleashes her ability to do magic. Accompanied by Leif, a talking cat (and botanist), Udina goes on a quest to rescue the mother she never knew from a powerful sorcerer.

For the past couple years, I've been working on writing and illustrating this 376-page young adult graphic novel. I've completed a script detailing panel-by-panel the actions and dialogue, as well as rough sketches of all of the pages. The final inking is in a style that resembles woodcuts, matching the medieval setting of the story, although the actual inking is done digitally in Clip Studio Paint.  

The world I've created is inspired by Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. I grew up in Minnesota, where there are many descendants of Scandinavian immigrants, and I've always been fascinated by Scandinavian culture and aesthetics. I've travelled to Sweden and Iceland to do research for the story although the world I've created is certainly a fantasy world with giant wolves, sea serpents, and a type of magic controlled by emotions. 

I've drawn on my interest in martial arts, nordic skiing, and psychology to create this tale of a young woman using the skills and talents she inherited from her parents to overcome the legacy of their choices. 


Time Lapse Videos of My Process

Time lapse drawing of me working on the opening page spread of my novel. I'm inking in Clip Studio Paint, and working over pencil drawings (in blue).

Jormungand is a serpent in Norse mythology (the child of Loki and a frost giant) and here Udina must fight him with a serpent of her own. 

Two chapters of my graphic novel take place on a Viking longship The Defiance, where Udina must convince the dashing Captain Strand to trust her. 

A time lapse as I ink Udina into a panel of Chapter 1. She's saying goodbye to her father before heading off to a day of defense training. 

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